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Just a small taste;

2011-11-30 13:53:17 by jkudzin

%u2192 // An audible chuckle emitted from the apex of the great mountain, sword in hand and fully suited stood the one notoriously known as "Ambivalence" - A grave and extremely dangerous being, full of talent and glee nonetheless. Having come up all this way, he knew just what he was in for; it took moments, not even seconds before he was apprehended by the swordsman in a sudden.

- - An exclamation point appeared above his head when he felt the other blade contact the one he so belligerently managed to wield with such a force on the adjacent side. What happened next was an entirely foolish move, but it had to be done. With his right foot sliding forward, Ambivalence went for the joust and with his shoulder slamming into the butt of his own blade, he pushed the swordsman back.

- - Gained a bit of distance did he; the admired blade forged of a gem otherworldly, cast by only the most delicate though powerful of hands, Ambivalence gave a soothed sigh and stared down the swordsman, taunting him; "Are you going to make my death quick, or are you just going to bore me to it?" he finished with an abhorrent laughter and immediately disappearing, or so it would have seemed, he sped off to the point of blinding speed.

- - Reappearing at shoulder to the swordsman, he looked to the vast canvas ahead and cooed, "If y' ask me, I'll say it's a beautiful day to die." and upon that, he slowly placed his blade into the sheath that had been wound to his hip; a swift sweep of the right leg to suspend the swordsman into the air and a fist; his left had lunged into the rib-cage of the swordsman... or so he thought.

- - Little did Ambivalence know, this swordsman also had formidable strength and sprinting towards the demigod with his blinding speed, the swordsman was doing just what he had done best, swinging his blade while using little energy behind each, a blade so thin just the slightest contact would slit flesh clean open. Dodging the blade the best he could, Ambivalence soon felt something sharp run along his chiseled chest. It was only in frustration did he retaliate with a right overhand; so much power dwelling behind it. The swordsman had been so busy basking in the little glory of such a strike that he didn't notice what was happening next.

- - A loud crash had radiated via sound, wind and sweat in a ring from the impact. The aftermath had been much worse; with such a punch to a vulnerable place, the swordsman had been thrown back meters; only to come to a stumble, roll and then limp. Shaking off his hand, Ambivalence peered over to the swordsman and gave a rather toothy grin, waiting for the skilled master's next move. "Get up, so-called great sword master. Maybe behind that training you'd have learned not to let your guard down..."

- - There was retaliation by means of charging, done by the swordsman out of such anger if not simple frustration; of course he did have his face practically smashed in. His footsteps inaudible, his body a blur while he sprinted towards the notorious demigod. The two stared each other down with fierceness in their eyes, closing in on one another; the battle was ready to begin.

- - End Transmission...

3:24 PM. - - Yeah, I'm just sitting on my laptop this somewhat pretty Saturday afternoon. I think it's about time Newgrounds found out a little bit more about me. I'm no animator, I do small time audio projects, nothing to rad over but what I am is a writer. Been doing it since I was a toddler, "inspired by art, driven by sound" is what I like to go by. I use music as a motivator, it often changes mood and the better I feel, the better I write; full of glee and foolishness organized in a manner that would make sense.

3:27 PM. - - I wish I could pause time for just a moment, but unfortunately as a human being it just isn't possible. There's many things I wish I could do, but it's just not where I'm at. In any-event, I do a lot of screenplay writing; also in role-play form. There's tons of imagination in someone a writer and that there is the problem with most people these days. It's not that they're stupid and can't write, that's the opposite of what anyone should be getting at. The thing is though; is that often times, someone doesn't have that active of an imagination hence they get what's known as "writer's block". The more you read, the more you know, the better of a writer you are. I often do novella; a few pages long and have the tendency to impress most people. We'll get into that later.

3:32 PM. - - For now, signing out of the news blog. I shall keep you all updated provided this is worth reading.